Put your feet in great hands

If you’re just looking for a traditional Podiatrist who follows the rules and can do a little of everything to put you on your feet, you’re probably in the wrong place.

However, if you want a super friendly & fun footcare specialistwho keeps you on your toes, because THEY LOVE…

  • Making feet super smooth

  • The challenge of troublesome nails

  • Finding ‘corny’ jokes to entertain

  • Being super gentle when easing ingrowing toenails

  • Thinking holistically and have evolved their approach to Verrucas over 20 years of care

  • Considering the mind-body connection when looking at mysterious foot problems

Then Samantha Richards-Hall is the woman for you, she splits her time between Southampton and London (starting 2019).

with a BSc (hons) degree in Podiatry and diplomas in reflexology/NLP/Hypnosis her perspective has evolved from its medical roots to become much more holistic.

Making her the perfect foot specialist for people with a more alternative/unconventional outlook.

Samantha understands and respects her conventional medical knowledge, she is happy to cross refer to her more traditional colleagues if required, but for some she is a rare gem who is happy to mix convention with her complementary training, this means she is often sought after to offer options when traditional medicine fails to come up with an answer.

If you have a foot problem thats baffling you, drop her a message and see if she can help.

SMS/Whatsapp/Call for more details or simply book online